Bargain gaming at ‘The Steam Summer Camp Sale’

Summer is a notoriously bad season for video games. Although this year has a few exceptions (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Last Story and Bodycount) the next couple of months are inevitably going to drag. Luckily Steam has got your back, discounting dozens of titles in a rather special summer event.

The Steam Summer Camp Sale started yesterday and will run until July 10th. In the meantime you can purchase a selection games at startlingly low prices, emphasised by daily deals that aim to be knock off even more dosh.

Steam users can also participate in camp ‘activities’, a special set of achievements that can be traded in for in-game items. It all sounds rather exciting and encourages players (especially school kids that will soon be on holiday) to purchase and play a variety of games.

Some of my highlights include:
* Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition): £7.50 (-75%)
* Medal of Honor: £6.79 (-66%)
* BIT. TRIP RUNNER: £1.75 (-75%)
* Recettear, An Item Shop’s Tale: £3.25 (-75%)

So what are you waiting for? Check out the sale here.


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