London MCM Expo (May 2011) – Most anticipated

This weekend the London Excel Centre is taken over by MCM Expo, a bi-annual celebration of comics, movies and video games. I’ve been lucky enough to win a weekend pass courtesy of GameSpot UK (thank you very much!), so I thought I better jot down some of the games that I’m most excited about seeing.

Before GameSpot UK announced their stage schedule for the show, I’d never heard of Okabu. This delightful little puzzle adventurer allows players to take control of various clouds, directing local tribesmen in a bid to save their land from industrialists.

The cel-shaded visuals take inspiration from Wind Waker, combining them with tribal music to create a fun, original presentation style. Set for release some time in 2011, HandCircus will be at the MCM Expo for a Q&A session on Friday afternoon.

Child of Eden:

Child of Eden is the most anticipated title for Kinect. Period. The blend of direct cursor control, eclectic music and vibrant visuals has grabbed the attention of gamers worldwide. Designed by the creator of Rez and Lumines (Tetsuya Mizuguchi), there are understandably high expectations for this intriguing hybrid of rhythm and action game. If you’ve got plenty of questions, ask them at the Q&A session on Saturday afternoon. Oh, and you can also go hands on with it at the GameSpot stall.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

I love cyberpunk. I also love most of Square Enix’s output. Therefore Deus Ex seems like my perfect release, throwing a hero with prosthetic arms into a world on the brink of nanotechnological breakthrough.

Players can upgrade their mechanical implants to improve their combat, stealth and social skills, thereby allowing multiple approaches to a single level. Impressively, it is said that these alterations can even allow a player to finish the game by killing only the boss characters. The art direction looks stunning on this title, but I’m sceptical to see if the gameplay can match it. Look out for the Q&A sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Shadows of the Damned:
Anything that Suda 51 is involved in is mental. Absolutely and unashamedly mental. This latest concoction pairs the creative genius with Shinji Mikami (the guy behind Resident Evil) in a demon hunting action thriller. The dialogue is hilarious, the graphics are vulgar and the gameplay outright violent.

Expect doors to be barred by demons’ pubic hair, a giant Minotaur to fire his number two’s all over you and a barbaric main character. I’m almost certain I’m not going to like this game, but feel it needs to be experienced all the same. Expect to go hands on with it at the GameSpot stall.

So that’s pretty much it for me. What are you most looking forward to seeing and playing? Drop your comments below!


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