Unboxing inFamous 2: Hero Edition

Remember that preview of inFamous 2: Hero Edition that I was drooling over a couple of weeks back? Well, Sucker Punch has been kind enough to shoot some photographs that show all of those goodies in meticulous detail. You can find a full set of images here, but below I’ll show some of the most interesting ones:

This is a group shot showing all of the items together. There’s a whole lot of content on offer here, designed to please every comic book geek and inFamous addict.

First up is the replica sling pack. This is the exact same bag that Cole wears in the game, built to size and offering a considerable amount of room for all of your daily essentials. I absolutely love the attention to detail, especially the Sly Cooper patch knitted onto the main strap. I’m still a little dubious about the quality of this item, but it’s unquestionably a great way of showing off your love for the game.

Figurines rarely excite me. Still, at least this one does a good job of standing guard on your desk. The roof stand makes Cole look particularly bad ass, standing tall at an impressive 8.5 inches. It’s unlikely to persuade gamers to purchase the Hero Edition, but it’s a nice bonus all the same.

InFamous 2 is a story about superheroes. So why not create a comic out of it? DC has jumped on board and bundled in the first issue of the InFamous comic, offering a brief insight into the events that followed the previous game. The artwork looks simply stunning, so I think this is a worthy possession for any fan of the game.

The Hero Edition also includes a download code for the InFamous 2 Red Soundtrack and in game items such as character skins, power ups and amp variants. Sold yet? I’m drooling at the mouth.

(Aside: All images are owned by Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment)


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