An Easter of indie gaming

The Potato Sack Pack was announced on Steam earlier this week. This onslaught of independent treats features 13 PC titles with a 75% bundle discount. If you missed out on the likes of Super Meat Boy, BIT. TRIP BEAT or AudioSurf when they first came out, now is the perfect time to invest. For UK gamers, it’ll put you back £27.15 – an absolute bargain, considering that they previously cost £108.87 collectively. If you’re looking to waste away your Easter break, this is a perfect tool for procrastination. Oh, and Valve has also thrown in a free potato hat for Team Fortress 2. Aren’t they nice?

GameTrailersTV have put up another delightful episode (503) of Bonus Round, this time tackling ‘The Indie Revolution’. On the panel are Jonathan Blow, the creative mastermind behind Braid and upcoming title The Witness, Markus Persson, creator of the global phenomenon that is Minecraft and industry veteran Chris Hecker, who is currently developing a new espionage game called SpyParty.

It’s an eclectic panel, but one that failed to create a smooth flow of discussion in the first part of the episode. Markus Persson is simply too quiet, increasingly left out by the other members of the panel.  Jonathan Blow is a great speaker and interesting to listen to, but all too easily digresses into unnecessarily long comment. Hopefully Geoff Keighley can pull them all together later on, because this is a panel that should be overflowing with off the cuff remarks and conflicting debate.


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