London 3DS StreetPass Event (27th March, 2011)

Britain needs more handheld social gaming events. There are dozens of portable titles that I play obsessively – but I often leave the multiplayer options untouched because I don’t know anyone else with a copy of the game.

The launch of the Nintendo 3DS is looking to change all of this. Nintendo Scene have organised a fantastic gathering at St Pancras Station (London) on March 27th; just show up under the New Olympic Rings at midday and get gaming. You can either be super discrete and walk through the area with StreetPass activated on the sly, or be bold and start discussing your new favourite handheld with other gamers.

Plenty of Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition seems to be on cards, so I recommend getting some practise in whilst you’re travelling across London on the tube. If you haven’t bought a 3DS or can’t make the event, you can keep up with the Nintendo Scene coverage in a number of ways:

Hopefully this will be the first of many successful 3DS StreetPass gatherings. I wish Nintendo Scene the best of luck with the event tomorrow!


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