SEGA’s terrible Dreamcast tribute

Sega has formally announced the Dreamcast Collection, another wasted effort at bringing back some forgotten classics. The four chosen games are Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2. It’ll be released on the 25th February in Europe, just a few days after the preceding releases in North America and Australia. Expect the usual treatment; achievements, online leaderboards and a nip and tuck on the graphical front.

Four games. Really? Is that the best that Sega could pull together? Frankly I was expecting at least ten titles from a ‘definitive’ Dreamcast Collection. Even worse, the titles that they’ve chosen are already available on Xbox Live Arcade – and they’re sloppy conversions at best.

It’ll be interesting to see what this pack retails for. Anything above £20 would be an utter outrage in my opinion, not to mention commercial suicide. Maybe it’s meant to make way for subsequent Dreamcast Collections? We can only speculate.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to jot down a few of the titles that I’d most like to see featured in a Dreamcast Collection.

Jet Set Radio
If you haven’t guessed from the name of this blog or my online handle, I love Jet Set Radio. Spearheading the use of cel-shaded graphics, it combined platforming and futuristic rollerskating to great effect. Packed with aesthetic flair and a brilliant techno soundtrack, it’s a perfect candidate for a HD remake. Sales of the original were fairly low, but over the years it’s gained a cult following that would appreciate another release. Throw in some online multiplayer and you’d have the perfect tribute for Beat and the GGs.

Shenmue & Shenmue II
Do I need to say much more about this? Everyone loves Shenmue. Any comment section on the internet, regardless of what the article is about, will have a remark about Shenmue. A sequel to Shenmue II is probably the most sought after game in the history of our hobby (I actually have no idea, but it feels like it). Please Sega, even if you never create Shenmue III, just put the fans at rest by giving them an updated version of the originals.

Skies of Arcadia
What I loved most about the Dreamcast was its depth in quality across all genres. Whenever somebody talks about classic RPGs, I can guarantee that Skies of Arcadia will make their list. An interesting story (which is something of a rarity in a JRPG these days) and a unique mythical world made this feel like a breath of fresh air. The turn based combat and random encounters were a little bit repetitive, but that was the standard in 2001 wasn’t it? It was a gorgeous looking game and would look even better on a next generation console. An underrated gem, Vyse, Alka and Fina deserve Sega’s attention.

So there you go. Who knows, maybe someday Sega might actually listen to the fans and give them what they want. ;)


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