Bag of Bees: Half Minute Hero

I was recently recommended by to check out indie clothing company Bag of Bees, who have been commissioned by Rising Star Games to make a couple of t-shirt designs for Half Minute Hero.

Half Minute Hero is a parody on the traditional Japanese RPG, condensing the long, 8 bit grinding sessions of old into thirty second intervals. It has a really nice retro style, with a lot of personality for the Sony PSP system.

This morning I received my parcel for the red t-shirt design, so I’ve posted up some photographs of it below.

It’s a little darker than I expected, but fits very well.

A lovely little message from the guys at Bag of Bees. Thank you!

Who will be the first person to comment/ know what the t-shirt is referring too?

It’s normally very hard to find well made, creative video game clothing. I’m not sure why, because there are a lot of gamers who presumably would like some t-shirts to show off their favourite characters. There are a few available in UK stockists such as Game and Gamestation, but they’re normally compressed into cellophane packets and look like quite poor quality. If you know good online stockists for video game clothing (preferably those who ship internationally) let me know!


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