5 Things To Do With Your New PSP

The team over at ThumbSticks has asked me to write a beginner’s guide to utilising the Sony PSP’s full potential. Each staff writer has been assigned a different console with the hope that we will end up with an extensive hardware database; now that Christmas has passed, we feel that many gamers will probably be wondering what to do next with their brand spanking new machine. Researching this piece was enjoyable and informative, as the process actually taught me how to use my own PSP in new and exciting ways. A preview of the article is below, but just hit the ‘more’ button if you want to read it in its entirety;

The portable behemoth nestled in your hands has unlimited media potential. The widescreen display and external memory offers high class consumption of video games, movies, music and photographs. Sony’s tiny user manual rarely addresses these issues in great detail though, with only a few pages devoted to explaining the capabilities of the hardware. Many gamers who have received the Sony PSP for Christmas will have played their first UMD game and be wondering what to do next. With so many homebrew and customisation websites to pore over, it can arguably feel a little daunting. Well have no fear, because below is a handy ThumbSticks guide to getting the most out of your PSP. (More)

If you have any suggestions for features or upgrades that I may have missed, feel free to plug them below. I love my PSP, but know that there’s a wealth of homebrew fanatics that have taken the console much further than just the commercial game market. Be sure to keep checking back to ThumbSticks for the other ‘5 Things To Do’ features, as they will no doubt be more journalistically comprehensive than mine.



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