Pick Up & Play

If you’re not watching NoobToob already, I highly recommend it as an honest, humorous and insightful video game podcast. In their round up of 2009 they came across an interesting debate on the phrase ‘pick up and play’. What makes a game accessible and easy to get into? In contrast, why are some games so difficult to dedicate time to? The preview for my feature is below, but just click on the ‘more’ button to read the full article.

Slumping down on the sofa after a hard day’s work, you open a chilled brew and peruse your much-loved game library. Nothing would satisfy your tired demeanour more than a high quality, entertaining video game. So will you sink an hour into a few quick and easy games of FIFA 10, or will you open your own ‘crib-sheet walkthrough’ of Demon’s Souls and attempt to take on its complex and brutal boss battles? Football fan or not, I expect about 90% of gamers would choose option one.

It was on NoobToob’s last video podcast of 2009 that they brought up the interesting topic of ‘pick up and play’. Which features make a game accessible and easy to get into? In contrast, why do some games feel like a huge undertaking to load up and play? Just because a title is engrossing and demands frequently long play sessions doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game. Likewise, the latest iPhone app that manages to trigger some laughter in the first five minutes of play isn’t a certain sign of quality. (More)

Hope it sparks some interesting thoughts of your own – I’d love to hear which games you find particularly stressful or relaxing. Just drop a comment below or on the Thumbsticks website.


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