Putting A Name To The Game

I’m a little sick of seeing posters, trailers and billboards advertising ‘James Cameron’s Avatar’. Why is James Cameron so important that he needs to always be pronounced on the front of his theatrical release? Titanic was popular, but hardly revolutionary. This week I’ve been pondering why game developers don’t receive the same commercial limelight as film directors and music producers. If you want to read the full article, just click on the ‘more’ button.

A recent feature by GamesTM magazine critiqued how the majority of key figures in the video game industry remain anonymous. Unlike film directors or album producers, game developers are often concealed by the mysterious veil of publisher branding, never gaining recognition for their creations or success.

For example, most of the casual market has no idea who Peter Molyneux, Will Wright or Kojima are. So what would happen if the faces behind our favourite games stepped into the limelight – and what knock on effect would this have on marketing? (More)

Although if Miyamoto is anything to go by, maybe it’s best that we don’t have the masterminds of video games plastered on the box art…

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