DJ Hero

A very small number of people actually know what disc jockeys do in night clubs. Their headphones casually slung over one ear and their fingers dancing over an array of decks and dials, it’s a great mystery for what their skills actually involve. DJ Hero is presumably meant to rectify this, teaching gamers both old and young about the unsung love for scratching vinyl. But is the game actually any good? Click on the ‘more’ button to find out.

The thought of a plastic turntable sitting on my lap echoed strong warnings; this could very well be Activision’s last ditch effort to bring some originality back into the rhythm/music genre. Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero felt like simple cash-ins for Activision, conceptually safe sequels that would bring in some easy profit. DJ Hero fails to have the consistent quality of its refined band brethren, but does manage to engross the player with some fresh game play ideas.

During this review I played on the standard DJ Hero peripheral, although a more substantial ‘Renegade Edition’ is also available for those wanting a bit more weight and feedback to their mixing. The wireless turntable is very user friendly, sitting on your lap without being too large and cumbersome. It’s split into two parts (the deck itself and the cross fader hub) and can be alternated to support the lefties out there. The inclusion of stream buttons, an effects dial, euphoria button and concealed console controls concludes a great piece of hardware – going some way to justifying the rather hefty price tag. (More)

Luckily I managed to borrow the entire DJ Hero set up from a friend, because otherwise I would have felt wildly disappointed. Adequate if you’re into club music, but otherwise approach with caution.


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