MCM Expo

There aren’t many conventions in the UK that live up to the international hype of E3, Pax and TGS. Luckily there are a few small events that are trying to change that in England, one of which is the Japanese orientated London MCM Expo. It’s a fantastic amount of fun and I now attend every year to check out the games from the land of the rising sun. Below is a preview of my experiences, but you can read the full report by clicking on the ‘more’ button.

The bi-yearly London MCM Expo has slowly built a reputation for being a great place to promote video games. Around 40,000 visitors were attending this year and publishers such as Sega, Capcom and Ubisoft were keen to showcase the titles that would soon be hitting UK stores.

The Expo is known for having a heavy emphasis on anime and manga, so the gaming village reflected this by showing a diverse range of Japanese titles. Nearly everything on offer was playable and those that weren’t were demonstrated by staff first hand. (More)

If looking at pictures is more your cup of tea, I’ve also uploaded a gallery here. Or if you love audio podcasts as much as I do, there’s a feature with Yen Hau, Product Manager at Rising Star Games and Kevin Shortt, Lead Scriptwriter for Avatar: The Video Game that I’ve uploaded here.

Next time I’ll hopefully be attending with a press pass and the rest of the Thumbsticks gang, obtaining more interviews and hands-on play tests. The October MCM Expo broke records this year with over 38,000 fans in attendance; lets make April 2010 just as successful.



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