Where Mario Succeeds, Sonic Fails

The first game I ever owned was Sonic Jam, a compilation title on the Sega Saturn featuring all of the previous Mega Drive games. I absolutely adored the blue blur, but had to watch in horror as he was slowly butchered into the platforming mess we have today. Why has Mario fared so much better? Below is a preview of the feature, but you can read the full version just by clicking on the ‘more’ button.

I’m not quite sure how our loveable plumber can see these days from all the absurd amounts of money being thrown at him. The Nintendo Wii has hit the economic jackpot, sending every game with Mario on the front straight to the top of the charts. It’s not just the core platformer and critically acclaimed Mario Galaxy either; Mario Kart, Paper Mario and Mario Power Tennis have all found commercial success in the big N’s Touch! Generation.

Sonic the Hedgehog used to be the cooler, sleeker rival that could run Mario into the ground. Or at least I thought so anyway, naively believing as a child that my Sega Saturn was the greatest piece of technology ever created. Just like the console wars of today, Sonic and Mario would be the focal point of every playground debate as me and my friends tried to decide which character was superior. (More)

Who knows, Sega seems to be changing their fortunes recently and with a little luck, Project Needlemouse will be a step in the right direction. Meanwhile Mario bears the burden of its Wii success in Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is also slated for 2010. Lets wish them both the best of luck.



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