Where Will Music Games Go Next?

This week on Thumbsticks I’ve been looking into the future of music and rhythm games, as they slowly begin to stagnate and arguably rely on safe cash ins. The article is previewed below, but you can read the full version simply by clicking on the ‘more’ button.

“The latest offerings from game titans Guitar Hero and Rock Band were discussed in Episode 18 of the Thumbsticks podcast, leaving me with a frightening thought. In an industry constantly seeking innovation, what could these two franchises possibly do next to progress rhythm games and tempt players out of their hard earned cash?

Harmonix and Neversoft both bring in huge revenues of $1.6 billion from their band simulations, pitting them against the biggest names in the gaming business. In comparison Guitar Hero, the quiet little game that debuted in 2005’s E3 seems like a very, very long time ago…” (More)

I’m a regular staff writer on Thumbsticks now and hope to be contributing features to their website on a regular basis. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!



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