Turning Your PSP Into A Media Player

After being a little disgruntled at the size of my iPod Classic’s screen, I decided this morning that I should try putting some videos on my PSP. After all, Sony marketed it as not only a games console, but a media player that fully supported UMD movies and external memory. Surely it would’t be too hard to do some snooping on the internet, pick up a few tutorials and start ripping my favourite flicks? Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was much harder than I originally thought.


First of all, my PSP Slim & Lite didn’t come with a USB lead. My laptop doesn’t take the Sony memory cards either, so I ended up searching through various digital camera boxes to find a cable that fitted. Once I had it rigged up, I was welcomed with a message on my laptop saying that my ‘Phone Card’ had been found. Another problem; I use the same memory card for both my Sony Ericsson and my PSP, so there are a tonne of folders with odd sounding names. None of them seemed to point to videos or music, so I instantly reverted to the internet for help.

Luckily there are a wealth of tutorials that will try and help you out. I found Engadget particularly useful, as well as the software DVD Decrypter and PSP Video 9.  It’ll take a while for your computer to crunch all of the data from DVD quality to the size of a PSP screen, but it’s a worthwhile investment to keep plenty of space on your memory stick. After all, a feature length film can be upwards of 4GB and i’m currently running a 512MB card in my PSP.

So far I haven’t tried uploading music, as I own an iPod Classic and find Apple’s behemoth to be a superior piece of kit. However, I’ve heard from gamers that just like the Sony PS3, the PSP can cope with your favourite tunes pretty well. In terms of video playback, the PSP has a variety of screen choices including zoom, full screen and original. Personally, the whole process felt like a burden though and it’s up to you if you feel putting in this amount of time and tinkering is worth it.

P.S – During this process I managed to delete all of my PSP saved game files. Looks like i’ll be starting Dissidia from scratch tonight… ¬_¬


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