Persona 3 Portable

The UK might still be waiting on the release of  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and Persona (PSP), but over in Japan Atlas are continuing to leak info on their next portable outing.

Persona 3 is coming to the PSP, but with a few new additions and tweaks. From the opening video you can see that there’s a new female protagonist, who starts with a female version of Orpheus.  Her design looks pretty neat and presumably you’ll be able to choose between the boy or girl right from the start.

Some graphics have been sacrificed to be able pack the JRPG onto a UMD disc. Persona titles are big, so although you’ll be dungeon crawling in full 3D… when you’re navigating around the city it’ll be a fairly simplistic map and orb system. A bit disappointing, but if the PS2 titles are anything to go by you can bet the presentation will still be top notch.

It’s unclear if Persona 3 Portable will include the storyline of FES, but a new quest mode has been added to give veteran players something new. The SEES team will now be searching Tartarus for citizens who may have wandered into the tower. They select who they want to search for in the Velvet Room and will be rewarded for rescuing them successfully. It’s a mix between the victim situation in Persona 4 and the side quests that were given out by Elizabeth.

You can now directly control all of your party members, a welcome improvement that blossomed from Persona 4. Similarly when you rank up your S.Link with certain SEES members, they’ll gain extra abilities such as follow up attacks and shielding from K.O hits.

I’m interested to know how the social links will vary between the male and female protagonist. As the girl, will you still be able to activate the lovers link with the other female characters? Or will you be able to date the guys this time around? I hope there’s a significant difference in the storyline of the two, so that a second play through is more beneficial than just a different coloured menu.


By going to the Persona 3 Portable site you can try to extract more info yourself. The release date is November 1 in Japan, and from initial impressions it looks like Atlus is making another excellent port.


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