Are you STOKED for a Europe release date?

Ever since I played the SSX franchise, my fingers have been itching for a new and high quality snowboarding game. I’m a big fan of skiing and snowboarding, but living in the United Kingdom (where in the winter it’s 100% rain and 0% snow) I usually have to make do with virtually riding powder.

After a completely average next-gen outing in the form of Shaun White Snowboarding, the title Stoked began to gain momentum on internet message boards. A snowboarding game in the style of EA Skate? A dynamic weather system that changed as you played? It was a tough deed for the relatively unknown developer Bongfish, but I held on with a lot of hope. I had been playing SSX 3 for simply too many years.

While the Americans play in the snow, Europeans are stuck waiting

While the Americans play in the snow, Europeans are stuck waiting

What surprised me the most was that the release date for Stoked came and went. Checking the high street and online retailers, I was confused when I couldn’t the game stocked anywhere. Was it such an indie game that no-one decided to distribute it in England? That was when I checked again… finally realising that it had only been released in America.

So European fans of Stoked waited and waited. I grew tired and eventually my interest waned, forcing me to pick up the PR momentum of other, more widely renowned games. I was no longer Stoked… for Stoked.

A sad end to the story? Fear no longer! The website GettingStoked has announced that Destineer’s title will finally be hitting European shelves in… September. A few months yet, but plenty of time to pick up hints and tips from our American neighbours (who already have their mitts on it, grrrr!).

Stoked is offering:
• Five gigantic real world mountains
• Dynamic weather and environments
• Seamless multiplayer
• Choose your boarding style – Hucker or Style?
• Real riders, pros and sponsors

Stoked will be released in the UK by Zushi Games exclusively on the Xbox 360.


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