Wonderful Microsoft reliability!

My wonderfully reliable xbox

My wonderfully reliable xbox

I woke up this morning to be greeted by the dreaded sight of a red light. Playing Eternal Sonata the night before, I had no problems and not even a hint of any hardware problems. Yet today, i’m faced with the challenge of trying tinker with this myself, or perhaps sending it off for repairs.

I’ve tried taking all of the cables, accessories and hard drive off and then reconnecting them. I also left the console unconnected on a fairly cool kitchen work surface just to see if it was perhaps temporarily overheating. All to no avail. Is there anything else (safe, not modding) that I can try before I get on the phone to Microsoft support?


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Microsoft reliability!

  1. It’s out of a year’s warranty and unfortunately only the full red ring of doom is covered by the extended three years. Soooo they’ve told me that it’ll cost eighty pounds to repair.

    What’s to say that another year after the repair it won’t do the same thing? Do I keep paying eighty pounds every time to get it fixed. Humbug, as you can tell i’m more than a little cheesed off with Microsoft; with the grass on Sony looking ever greener.

    In the meantime, I’m playing my Playstation 2. Persona 4, Farenheit and SSX3 are last gen gold!

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