Medal of Honour: Airborne

This week I’ve been playing Medal of Honour: Airborne, the most recent EA instalment on next generation consoles. The MoH series used to be one of the most accessible WW2 shooters you could buy, but these days it seems to have been overshadowed by titans such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises.

Those who overlook this though will be missing out on a unique experience. Yes, even after the hundreds of WW2 clones I’m calling this title unique. As the title suggests, this time you’re taking on every new mission from the air. It may not sound very ‘next gen’, but the concept holds up well. Which objective you choose to land nearer too is up to you. Dropping in close allows you to cut down on the distance you need to travel, but means you’ll lack any form of support or vantage point. Land on the roof of a church and you’re quite welcome to use the Springfield sniper rifle to pick off enemies until your heart is content.

The single player campaign seems lengthy and well thought out. A lack of co-op is slightly disappointing, especially as top tier titles like Gears of War has done it so well with online support. Multiplayer options include six maps, allowing you to play as either the allies or axis in fairly standard death match/ capture the flag modes. The parachute drops definitely adds another dimension, but if I’m honest I seemed to end up being shot in the air more often than I touched the ground.

The visuals are also worth a mention. I’m not running a HD setup, yet each level seems to appear in gorgeous detail as you descend from the air. Shelled buildings, glistening puddles and terrific explosion effects definitely set the right mood. I often found myself trying to secure a spot where I could take in the European architecture, only to find a few new bullets eating into my health meter. This brings me onto the audio really. The weaponry sounds like the real deal. Shooting is more than satisfying and the reloading feels appropriately heavy with the clunk of fresh rounds. I’ve never held a sidearm, but even I know this is as close as it gets.

Medal of Honour: Airborne doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it certainly doesn’t perform badly either. The campaign is impressing me, but until i reach the latter stages it’s hard to tell how many hours you’re getting for your cash. I’ve just purchased Skate 2, so I hope that within the next week I can finish Airborne’s campaign and move onto Black box’s new offering.


One thought on “Medal of Honour: Airborne

  1. Medal of Honor used to be THE game to go to for WWII. Then Call of Duty got in the mix and a slew of others. The FPS genre has become so oversaturated by WWII shooters, I remember all of my friends cringing when they found out Call of Duty world at war was going to go back to that time period. Granted, it wasn’t in Europe. At least I don’t think so, but man it was to soon.

    Definitely hear you on the lack of co-op. I love co-op as much as tag fighting games, but we don’t get enough of those either. Can’t play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 forever, now.

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